Root of Riches

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The more money you acquire, the richer you become.


This ancient belief is presumed to be as true as if it were a guaranteed and proven law of life on par with the law of gravity.


Thousands of books have offered steps, formulas, makeovers, investment guides, motivational stories and philosophies to set the non-rich on the sure road to riches. But is there more to becoming rich than the accumulation of money?"

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Chuck Bentley teaches about concepts from The Root of Riches




This powerful infographic demonstrates how we can rethink money in our everyday activities.

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"In this book, Chuck Bentley moves beyond financial diet plan fads and points us in the direction of true abundant living. The Root of Riches lifts our gaze from simply cutting costs and clipping coupons to embracing God's vision of riches. A "true north" book to orient the heart, not just the pocketbook!"

— Rob Moll, editor at large, Christianity Today and author The Art of Dying: Living Fully Into the Life to Come

"I admire Chuck Bentley and his efforts to help us think about our hearts and our treasure. God has said that if He cannot trust us with our finances, how could He trust us with real riches, i.e., the lives of men and women? I'm grateful for Chuck's leadership and testimony to help us trust God for true, eternal riches."

Steve Douglas – President, Campus Crusade for Christ

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  • "We live in the Age of Debt. Governments and individuals have lost their moorings. People grasp for behavior change, techniques and make rationalizations. I thank Chuck Bentley for courageously showing the connection between our roots and our wrong treasures and gods have put our way of life and freedoms at risk. Truth shows us that every financial decision is a spiritual decision. May every reader dig deep, face truth and allow God to show them the life that is truly life!!"

    — Jack Alexander, Vice Chairman and Partner, Rainmaker Group

  • "Chuck Bentley is the real deal. His Root of Riches book takes readers straight to the heart of the matter: No one can be truly rich until he or she understands the three non-negotiables that he so clearly presents. This is a good book for everyone, even those who think they know finances."

    — Hugh O. Maclellan

  • "If, after 50 years of making films in Hollywood, I would be asked to recommend a group of individuals who not only know how to handle wealth, but understand the Scriptural basis for accumulating it, Chuck Bentley would be at the top of the list. His new book, The Roots of Riches: What if everything you think about money is wrong? will be a life-changing revelation to young people, and a shocking change of direction for oldsters."

    — Dean Jones, Academy Award Nominated Actor

  • "Chuck's new book is grounded in Scripture and frees us from our cultural assumptions on wealth and happiness. For the overworked, dissatisfied, and weary, he offers a new definition of "rich," helping us to discover true wealth with conviction and clarity. Open The Root of Riches and be ready to have your ambitions redirected towards ultimate wealth and lasting satisfaction."

    Peter Greer, President & CEO, HOPE International and co-author of The Poor Will Be Glad

  • "Chuck Bentley has done a masterful job in revealing the deceitfulness of riches and putting wealth in its right place. Fast reading with a deep understanding of what is really worthwhile. A great wakeup call to those climbing the wrong ladder.."

    — Ken Eldred, author, The Integrated Life:
    Experience the Powerful Advantage of Integrating Your Faith and Work"

  • "In a time where its easy to be anxious, fearful, and focused on oneself regarding money, Chuck's new book de- bunks the myths and brings real truth which transforms resulting in peace, hope and a generous life."

    Daryl Heald – Chairman of Giving Wisely

  • "If like me, deep in your heart you are crying with the desire to acquire and leave a legacy of true wealth that will live on, you want to read and study this book. If you are a parent with children, a business man or woman building a company, a missionary building a ministry or a pastor in a Church, it should be a study guide for all of us. I plan to study it's pages with my children, extended family and give it to many friends in different parts of the world. I know first hand that this book is relevant whether you are in North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia or Oceania. It is a necessary and urgent work!"

    Reginaldo Andre Kruklis – Senior Pastor, International Protestant Church
    – Zurich, Switzerland, former president Haggai Institute