Abram's Reward: Making Major Life Choices

Adapted from Genesis 12-15:6 Read Verses

Abram's Reward

Under God’s command, Abram left his home and journeyed to a new land, Canaan, with all his goods, his family, and his nephew Lot. The contrasts between the wise choices of Abram and the foolish choices of Lot provide valuable lessons for us today — contentment with less versus wanting more; loving people versus loving things; and giving versus taking.

Like Abram, are you generous? Do you trust God, or is fear preventing you from releasing control of your life to Him? Are you willing to seek the counsel necessary in order to make wise decisions? Let the examples you see in this film encourage you to bring your giving, trust, and decision-making in line with the principles of God’s Word.

Experience this dramatic story in theater-quality, epic detail.

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