Large Group Licensing for God Provides

Take God Provides beyond your family or local study group and show the films to your congregation or community. No licensing fee is charged for large crowds.

Promotional Materials Available for your Event

  • Six Downloadable Trailers, one for each short film.
  • Sermon Outlines provide pastors with a message based on each short film. View Sample
  • Promotional Materials such as posters, bulletin inserts, and more are provided in digital format to promote the learning experience.
  • License enables unlimited viewings for groups larger than 100.

Large Group Viewing Ideas

  • Encourage your church to show one or all of these films in the God Provides Film Learning Experience to the entire congregation.
  • Rent a movie theater and sponsor a local movie night in your community.
  • Share the films in conjunction with local mission work.
  • Host a “Lunch and Learn Movie Experience” with your coworkers or employees.


Access Promotional Materials

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Teaching Opportunities

Need local help in creating a financial teaching ministry in your church or community? Crown field staff may be available in your area to assist you. Click here to find someone in your local area.

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