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MoneyLife Basics: Marriage and Children
MoneyLife Basics: Marriage and Children

The closest relationships you will have are more than likely with your family. Marriage usually offers the greatest relationship rewards and greatest challenges. Not surprisingly, how we handle money in this relationship is vitally important because it reflects our heart.
The same applies to our relationship with our children. Training our children to understand the importance of handling money wisely is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

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Cash Organizer
Attend a Seminar

Cost: Various

Journey to True Financial Freedom, the newest live seminar from Crown Financial Ministries, combines biblical principles of money management with practical applications in a fast-paced format.

Regardless of your age and income, this seminar presents a concise yet comprehensive view of money management based on the Bible. Equipped with wisdom from God's Word, you'll learn how to establish and maintain a plan to faithfully serve Jesus Christ with all of your resources.

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Your Money Map
Biblical Financial Study

The Biblical Financial Study – 10 Week Edition teaches more than practical financial principles—it teaches the successful combination of God’s wisdom along with practical principles. This teaching strategy treats more than the practical symptoms of financial bondage—it creates a long-term transformation of the heart. This is the most effective way to find biblically based answers to one’s financial questions and difficulties.

Crown’s most recent church survey reveals that typical life group members increase their giving, reduce their debt, increase their savings, and strengthen their marriages during and after the life group experience.

Cost: $55/Couple or $45/Single

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In God We Trust
In God We Trust Package

In God We Trust contains everything you need to teach your children about stewardship. This four-week study will teach children grades kindergarten to fifth grade how to give, save, and spend money wisely. The lessons are based on strong financial principles modeled throughout scripture.

Cost: $49.95

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Set Your House in Order
Set Your House in Order (book and software)

Book: The Set Your House in Order workbook contains practically everything a person needs to effectively create, plan, and organize his or her estate documents. Sections include financial advisors lists, safe deposit box information, debt lists, account numbers lists, asset inventory forms, insurance details, and more.

Software:Introducing Set Your House in Order, today’s most effective solution for storing, maintaining, and retrieving the critical pieces of personal information that define your life. This software allows you to gather and maintain your important estate documents in one secure location and prepares you and your family for emergencies.

Cost: $14/Book, $29.95/Software

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