God Provides Testimonies


"I was watching the show Praise the Lord on TBN and saw a clip from Abraham and Isaac. When Isaac was laid on the rocks and the knife was raised, God appeared, and immediately tears hit me, and still are as I type this. My family and I are going through a situation that I have been struggling with and that the Lord brought to light as soon as the sun came out in the movie. I have been awaiting direction from the Holy Spirit for two years, and now I know. I love and appreciate how your organization is serving the Lord. Be Blessed."

—Michael, TX


"I had the opportunity to see the story of Abraham and Isaac from the God Provides™ DVD series.

I wanted to let you know that the movie BLEW ME AWAY. I was with a group of children - usually noisy, raucous (typical Sunday morning energy!) and at the end of the movie, you could have heard a pin drop.

The production was astonishingly good, the acting was believable enough to pull you into the story, the colors were marvelous, and the setting was beautiful and so authentic.

I think the movie I saw was terrifically anointed and communicates the Word so clearly. Please know how much I - and those I was with - appreciated your diligent and masterful work."

—Peter, TN


"Dear Pastor, God has been dealing with me about trusting Him. I had intended to tithe from my severance package, but I was dragging my feet until I had secured a new job. Well, last week my son asked me about not having a job and money, and my response was, ‘Son, God will provide.’ And then you had to show that video last week — Abraham and Isaac. So I settled it. I trust God. This $8100 check represents the rest of God’s tithe."

— From a church member in an Atlanta area church


“After viewing the Widow and Oil lesson, I realized that I needed to get my financial house in order. If something should happen to me, my wife would be in a very difficult situation.”     

— An African Pastor


"We watched Widow and Oil with our two girls (ages 7 and 9) as part of our ‘family fun night.’ They were totally engaged by the dramatic story presentation. Afterwards, we talked about people we knew who could use our help and what we had that could be used to provide for their needs. It was truly quality family time, and the film provided a great teaching moment for all of us."

— MM, Gainesville GA


“After seeing the film, I finally have some hope. I know how to sew, and perhaps God can help me use that skill to support my children.”  

— A Widow in Southern Africa

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