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MoneyLife Basics: Work and Business
MoneyLife Basics: Work and Business

If you’re spending thousands of hours in an unfulfilling routine or feel like you have no sense of accomplishment in your job, it may be time to re-evaluate how well your career fits you.
If you’re already in the workplace, or just now entering it, Work and Business offers help, hope and insight into one of the greatest investments of your life.

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Business by the Book
Business by the Book Independent Study

Larry Burkett’s best-selling book, Business by the Book, has taught literally thousands of businesspeople how to transform their businesses and marketplaces. Now designed as an in-depth personal study, the Business by the Book Independent Study will teach businesspeople in all walks of professional life how to practically achieve true success and conduct business according to biblical principles.

Cost: $60

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Career Direct® Personality Assessment
Free Career Direct® Personality I.D. Assessment

The purpose of Personality I.D. is to provide you with a complimentary sample similar to what is offered in the Career Direct® Complete Guidance System.

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